The Age-Old Question Of What To Do With Loose Baby Teeth

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WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT, RIGHT? Can you remember when your baby teeth were falling out? Did one of your parents yank them out for you? Or, were you one of those do-it-yourself-ers?

Our Advice? No Viral Video Attempts Pulling Teeth In Crazy Ways

Have you seen some of the online videos out there where parents subject their children to absurd tooth-yanking antics? Videos like that raise the question (or should raise the question) of motive. But that’s another discussion for another time… This post is about whether you should let them fall out naturally, let the child pull them out, or pull them out yourself. Here’s some information to help you make that decision. Don’t have children? Share the information below with someone who does. They’ll appreciate it!

Five Things To Consider

  1. Most dentists today say NOT to pull a child’s tooth. Letting the child wiggle the tooth out with their own fingers or tongue may be the better idea. Why? Because only he or she knows for sure how loose (or attached) the tooth really is and how much discomfort it is causing.
  2. If the child has waited long enough to pull it, there shouldn’t be much bleeding. Pack a small piece of wet gauze and hold pressure there for a few minutes. The bleeding should stop fairly quickly.
  3. Sometimes permanent teeth push the new tooth in an unusual direction which can affect the gums. If this happens, you may want to give us a call.
  4. Although not typical, a tooth can come out while eating and may be swallowed. Don’t worry! It’s very unlikely the child will choke on it. The tooth fairy may be a little disappointed, but a swallowed tooth is not harmful.
  5. Some parents offer their child a fresh, crisp, delicious apple! If the tooth is loose enough, it will likely come out.

A Little One You Know Will Enjoy Watching This Video

Take this opportunity to visit with your child, grandchild, or someone you know about the importance of caring for baby teeth before they fall out. They’re important in the development of a healthy adult smile.


Adults With Loose Teeth

For adults, it’s not normal or healthy for a tooth to be loose. If you have a loose tooth, contact us right away so we can determine the cause and recommend a solution.

Thank you for trusting us with your oral health.